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The UK manufacturing and engineering industry contributes significantly to the economy. Together, SMEs provide millions of jobs and contribute billions in output. Yet we have no voice in government. Support UK Manufacturing is dedicated to finding a fair and ambitious voice to represent our industry in government, with the aim to deliver on the following four areas. 

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Productivity & growth

  • Any replacement or alternative for the Industrial Strategy must include and incorporate the needs of SME’s and be proportionate for the value SMEs add to the UK economy. An “All-Party Plan for Manufacturing” with a vision to the future is needed to break through political agendas and ministerial reshuffles.

  • A review of ROI on existing support packages and expansion of investments made by Government and SMEs in productivity improvement projects such as Sharing in Growth (SiG) and ADS SC21 /SMMT NMCL Competitiveness & Growth Programmes.

  • A shift of focus for future grant funding to improving productivity rather than just job creation or retention.

  • More accessible help, fewer barriers, and encouragement for SMEs in exporting.

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  • Fund a national roll out of a primary level, educational scheme to introduce engineering and manufacturing to under 11’s and consider the re-introduction of craft and technical skills within secondary schools to continue technical education.

  • Work alongside the National Manufacturing Skills Taskforce to expand upon and promote events such as the National Manufacturing Open Day & The Festival of British Engineering and Manufacturing to showcase how great UK manufacturing is. This content, along with the Enginuity Minecraft games, to be promoted in schools and colleges to address the need for more technically trained personnel and highlight the enormous opportunities available.

  • Showcase UK SME business and role model diversity and inclusion to attract talent and celebrate and promote this through the Enginuity Skills Awards.

  • A review of skills funding to enable businesses to conduct in-house training which is appropriate and applicable to the skills required rather than the “one size fits all” approach currently in place.

  • Campaign for a T&D Tax Credit (Training & Development credit similar to R&D Tax Credit).

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Levelling up

  • Review the LEP’s, their ROI, engagement, and performance. Investigate why some perform so well and share the Best Practice with those who perform less well ensuring a national standard of excellence within business and economic support.

  • Understanding and harnessing the power of the UK SME supply chain will dramatically contribute to the Levelling Up agenda. Currently representing 250m+ - a growth of 10% across these few would contribute 25m+ to the economy.

  • A stronger voice for SMEs to feed into Government discussions relating to new investment, training, support, and legislation particular to UK Manufacturing.

  • A push for all OEMs to commit to a percentage of reshoring where possible with commitments within Defence procurement to source a minimum % from UK SMEs (e.g.,
    BOXER UK had a requirement that 60% was to be sourced from UK SME’s).

  • Help grow UK SME manufacturing beyond purely component supply to provide subassembly/assembly capabilities and compete on a global scale.

Group 8289

Net zero & sustainability

  • Create a Net Zero task force for Manufacturing where a single point for advice, support, and funding, can be accessed by all.

  • Increase the focus towards, and awareness of, our Local Supply Chains ensuring minimal environmental impact whilst maximising opportunities for growth within regions.

  • SMEs to have a voice in the journey towards a sustainable net zero environment.

  • Access to financing in support of changes made that contribute to emissions/carbon reduction programmes.

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